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We have posted common inquiries that might be helpful to you. If nothing below matches what you are searching for, please feel free to send us a message directly.
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Standard orders are processed within 24 hours upon the receipt of full payment. Standard orders are completed within 14 business days, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon, in writing.

Bulk orders are processed within 24 hours upon the receipt of full payment. The customer is notified of completion timelines, which varies order to order. This is all agreed upon in writing.

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Local pick-up is free of charge.


Flat regular envelop Canada Post shipment is free of charge. There is no tracking provided.

Parcel shipping or courier shipping is an additional cost, which the customer incurs, if requested.

A separate quote will be provided and items will be shipped out upon receipt of full payment for shipping.

We do ship internationally, but at the customers expense, if requested.

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Gift wrapping is provided, if requested, for no additional cost.

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Due to the nature of our product offering, no personalized and customized product returns will be accepted.

All purchases are final sale.

We will review all issues on a one on one basis and will respond accordingly within 24 hours.

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