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During this period of time, while the world does their best to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, we can do our part by:

- Self Isolation

- Social Distancing (min 6 feet)

- Hand Washing

We are not actively advertising the sale of masks on our website. If you came across this page, it is through a private referral. There are many links online regarding how you can make your own, with or without sewing or sewing knowledge.

DIY Face Masks:

  • Free from Silhouette America, fabric: LINK

  • Free from Silhouette America, fabric & plastic: LINK

  • Free from Crafty Daily, no sew from t-shirt, YouTube: LINK

  • Free from Sarah Maker, no sew: LINK

Note from the CDC regarding face masks can be read here: LINK

For those of you who wish to have a mask made for them, we do offer that service, with any personalization you wish added. Check our Instagram account for some fun designs we've made for our family and friends, here: LINK


  • These masks are NOT medical grade and will NOT prevent you from potentially contracting the virus. It's to help "slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others".

Our masks are

  • NOT medical grade masks

  • Two layer reversible fabric masks

  • Tie up string masks

  • You can slip a filter layer in between the layers

  • Cotton or cotton blend of unknown composition


Custom designs are available at $5.00 per mask.

We have a limited supply of fabric on hand. Anything not available or sold out we can order in, but expect delays for fulfillment. Here's our current fabric availability, for 14 day fulfillment, as of September 9th at 5:00 PM PST:

  • Denim

    • Black

  • Design (+$5.00)

    • Marvel Comic​

    • Tonka Truck (grey)

    • Transformer Character (white)

    • Transformer Logo (black)

    • Vancouver Canucks Logos (blue | green)

  • Cotton

    • Lavendar

    • Purple

    • Sky Blue

    • Black (low)

    • White (low)

    • Royal Blue (low)

    • Red (low)

    • Green (low)

  • Stretchy

    • Black​

    • White

    • Grey

    • Royal Blue

  • Other​

    • Silver Satin

    • Purple Sheer

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